Your dream locations for events

Through us, you can find your dream venue, whether it’s for a wedding, a birthday party, a meeting, a cooking class, a dance party or a corporate event. Some of these venues are our own restaurants, and some are rental premises of our business partners. The premises are located at Pirkanmaa and in the metropolitan area.

We also have an extensive selection of vendors from various fields of industry. When you submit your quote request, please remember to include any other services you require, and we’ll be happy to help!
The manor restaurant Villa Hakkari – Kuokkalantie 5, Lempäälä

The neoclassical manor building is divided into different rooms, according to the 17th-century blueprints. One of the rooms can fit up to 60 people, and there are several smaller rooms for small meetings or group work.

It is possible to rent the entire restaurant for private events, for a maximum of 100 people; or one of the smaller rooms, as required.

Mansikinkammari – Kuokkalantie 5, Lempäälä

Situated in the courtyard of the manor restaurant Villa Hakkari, Mansikinkammari is rustic romance at its best! This venue provides a rustic and coarse atmosphere, a great counterbalance for the dignified main building. About a hundred years old, this barn has been remodelled into a summer venue with terraces, and it’s possible to feed up to 120 people here. This venue can fit a band, a dance floor and a bar, and it’s perfect for smaller and larger events. Many weddings, birthdays, communion celebrations, student parties, dance parties and corporate events have been held at Mansikki.

Helsinki Culinary Institute – Uudenmaankatu 7, Helsinki – City centre

Art Nouveau style spacious and bright venue for meetings, photo sessions and cooking classes. We are located in the city centre, in an amazing Art Nouveau building. You can park your car conveniently at the Diananpuisto car park. Four different rooms enable to divide the event according to the programme. It’s possible to organise events for up to 50 people on these premises.

The ceiling height of more than 4 metres brings spaciousness to our meeting room. Our teaching kitchen is not a restaurant kitchen, but a purposefully designed stylish area with Gaggenau appliances. Your event has a worthy setting also in our main hall, which has a stunning tiled fireplace, coffered ceiling and parquet floor. It’s impossible not to fall in love!

Dining 26 by Arto Rastas – Aleksanterinkatu 26, Tampere – CBD

A modern, Mediterranean restaurant right at the heart of Tampere’s restaurant district, on Aleksanterinkatu. Outside opening hours, this venue can be rented for private events, for a maximum of 50 people. The heart of this cosily decorated restaurant is the open kitchen, where the delicacies known all over the country are prepared. This venue is suitable for family celebrations, cooking classes, meetings and christenings.

Vanha Pyynikin Panimo – Koulukatu 13, Tampere – City centre

The historic Vanha Pyynikin Panimo on the beautiful Art Nouveau street in Pyynikki, close to the Tampere city centre. This is a trendy, loft-style venue right in the middle of amazingly big copper pots. This unique venue is protected by the National Board of Antiquities. Limited rental available for corporate events and private celebrations, for 20 – 60 people.

Particularly popular as a wedding venue, also for engagements. It’s possible to have a long table in the pot hall for an academic gathering. Total area approx. 240 square metres, max 60 people. The venue is divided between two storeys. The pot hall is over 5.5 metres high, and it also has a gallery that faces the venue. Due to the stairs, this venue is not suitable for people with limited mobility – there is no lift.

M/S Intti – Näsijärvi

With Mustalahti as its home port, Intti is a streamlined beauty of Näsijärvi. This vessel fits a maximum of 60 guests, and who will always have at least the captain and a deckhand looking after them. There is plenty of sightseeing to do on Näsijärvi, all the way to Ruovesi, so there are a lot of  options when it comes to target destinations and cruise lengths! There are cruises until late autumn, this girl is not frightened by small gusts of wind.

Einon Pirtti – Eräpyhäntie 164, Orivesi

Situated on the shore of Längelmävesi, this impressive country estate is suitable for larger and smaller celebrations, meetings and sauna evenings. Pirtti is located in the quiet countryside of Pirkanmaa, Erajärvi at Orivesi. Einon Pirtti has a barn that can fit up to 140 people, and a log sauna on the beach, as well as accommodation in the main building and storehouse. The venue also has a large hot tub and a barbecue shelter for the evenings.

Manttaalitalo – Manttaalitie 1, Lempäälä

The historic Manttaalitalo (or simply Manttu) is a great venue for meetings and celebrations for up to 250 people, right in the middle of Lempäälä. This venue is perfect for large events: birthday parties, family gatherings, meetings and dance parties.

Vinoteekki – Kuninkaankatu 13, Tampere

This wine cellar is excellent for corporate and private parties. Popular occasions include weddings, anniversaries, parties and Christmas parties. At this venue, it’s possible to organise banquet-style events for up to 50 people, and cocktail events for up to 85 people.

Tyrvää Parsonage – Asemakatu 4, Sastamala

Tyrvää Parsonage is a stone parsonage, completed in 1922 in the National Romantic Style. The reborn Parsonage combines delicious food with memorable events. The carefully restored milieu of this parsonage is perfect for your private celebrations as well as corporate entertainment needs. I’m the head architect of the Parsonage’s world of flavour. I create a comprehensive experience of flavours and appearance for our customers, using colours, structures and carefully planned details.

We go on flavour journeys across Europe to the Mediterranean, and back North through Asia. The parsonage combines food and culture in a new way. In ever-surprising combinations, our meals are visually appealing as well as delicious.