Arto Rastas Catering

Surprising and unique food for events, parties, exhibitions, openings, or anything, really!

Arto Rastas Catering will tailor every event according to the customer’s requirements and budget.

Arto Rastas Catering is a catering service led by a renowned award-winning chef. Together with our professional staff, we will make your special occasion even more delicious. Whether it’s a wedding, family celebration, corporate event, or a candlelight dinner for two, we are dedicated to making the entire occasion a success. High-quality hand-crafted food and a friendly service are always in the focus.

Over the course of many years of cooking adventures, we have organised numerous unforgettable events, from intimate small dinners to events catering for several thousand people.

We have cooked food everywhere from the Cannes Film Festival to the Pispala log tunnel, from Japanese metropolises to lighthouses in the middle of an ocean, from tropical Taiwan to freezing Lapland, from underneath the Marbella sun to rainy autumn forests. And everywhere in between!

We really mean what we say in our slogan, ”You name it – we do it”. We will go where others won’t, we will do what others won’t, and we can see what others can’t.