Arto Rastas Catering Menu’s

Our business is based on two main principles: fresh locally produced ingredients and personalised service. Our most important values include using the most seasonal and locally produced ingredients, and we abide by these values in our menus throughout the year. Excellent service combined with fresh quality ingredients and innovative food presentation guarantee a unique catering experience.

Below, you can find some menu packages which we have designed according to the availability of seasonal produce. However, all of our menus take into consideration the customer’s wishes, needs and budget. When submitting a quote request, don’t hesitate to tell us about your hopes and ideas, the theme of your event, or what you have in mind already.

Contact us, and we will make your event perfect!


”You name it – we do it”


Autumn menu

Fresh garden salad with mustard dressing

Roast pumpkin seasoned with rosemary honey, served with halloumi cheese

Autumn mushroom salad, bulgur and crunchy kale

Salmon in beetroot marinade, with pickled gherkins

Green Waldorf salad with crunchy bacon

Freshly baked rustic baguette with nut butter


Overnight stew of lamb neck from the Tolvila manor, with dark lovage sauce


Crab – pike meatloaf and dill cream

– roast potatoes Provence

– glazed root vegetables


Raspberry & white chocolate mousse cake

Coffee / tea

á 41 €

Spring menu

Fresh garden salad with orange vinaigrette

Springlike mozzarella pasta salad

Bright potato salad from the archipelago

Romaine, avocado, shrimp and pesto sauce

Smetana-apple herring

Ox carpaccio, and red onion jam

Carrot bread with horseradish spread


Overcooked pork neck with BBQ sauce


Baked salmon and morel stew

– potatoes stewed in dill butter

– seasonal vegetables


Rhubarb & cream cheese cake with almond meringue

Coffee / tea

á 41 €

Winter menu

Fresh garden salad with raisin vinaigrette

Beetroot, goat cheese and tarragon

Lentil tabbouleh and smoked mackerel

Aquavit gravlax with mustard sauce

Italian country-style salad and dried ham

Fennel seed bread with juniper berry butter


Overcooked ox breast with dark thyme sauce


Roast pike perch bouillabaisse

– Parmesan-potato gratin

– Savoy lettuce-mushroom casserole


Chocolate truffle & cranberry cake

Coffee / tea

á 41 €

Summer menu

Garden salad from the Suoniemi organic farm

Watermelon & feta salad with cream of basil

Bright potato salad from the archipelago

Shrimp Caesar

Smoked salmon with lemon mayonnaise

Cantaloupe melon with Parma ham

Malt loaf with churned butter


Grilled pork cheek with dark coriander sauce


Baked salmon with spring onion sauce

– roasted spring cabbage

– spring potatoes stewed in dill butter


Naked cake

Coffee / tea

á 41 €